Method of culture
Maintenance of the vineyard reasoned

Wine-growing practices that respect an original environment that needs preservation.

Perched on the terraces just above the banks of the Ouvèze, the Malijay vineyard benefits from a soil that is excellent for growing wine, with ancient alluvium and pebbles deposited by this tributary of the Rhone.
Near Vacqueyras, Gigondas and Plan de Dieu, the Malijay estate is well suited to high quality, innovative production of these classic Rhone grape varieties.

Vines of varying ages are trained according to the traditional Royat cord (short pruning with spurs). The leaf area is optimized with customized training wires, which vary depending on individual plots, taking into account the weight of the variety, the exposure to the prevailing winds and the strength of the planting – all to create the best possible conditions for the grapes to grow.

Maintenance of the vineyard is done at the level of each plot, to ensure that each can fulfill its potential. Maintenance of the soil, and protection of the vines from diseases and parasites, are planned to limit the amount of human intervention and to preserve a natural balance. Wherever possible, traditional ways such as copper or sulfur and digging the ground are preferred.

The mistral regularly blows and plays its part, killing off several vine diseases. The warmth and the lack of water experienced in certain summers (such as in 2003 or 2012) mean that water has to be supplied, in quantities that are just sufficient to enable young plants and sensitive grape varieties to get through these excessively dry periods without too much damage.

Adapting and maintaining the Château Malijay vineyard to produce healthy, well-balanced grapes is a never-ending labor for our highly motivated, responsible employees.