Passing from hand to hand

In 1375, Raymond VI de Baux, small son of the previous owner, gave the Castle called since approximately 1368 ” of MALIJAY ” (or Maligeai) to Bernard Flament.

In 1412, the fief passes to Bertrand Geoffroi. In 1510 Pierre Geoffroi made present of the Castle Malijay to Philippe de Chalons, prince of Orange.

The domain is acquired a bit further by Panisse family, then by 1736 by Louis Passis de Seguins, Marquis d’ Aubignan, who keeps it only not enough time and gives up it in May, 1752 to Thomas Augustin de Chaussande, Lord of Saint Roman. This last one resells it to Mister de Légier de Monfort, adviser of King, Treasurer General of France in Provence. MALIJAY will stay in the hands of Légier de Monfort until his last years.

After Mister de Légier the castle will belong to Georges Veyrat who, in his death, will bequeath him to one of his three children, Galiane, who will quickly give up it to a Belgian company.
Further to a “unsuitable” management of the Domain, the Salins du Midi company becomes an owner of the Castle and the lands in August, 1989.

It is in November, 2007 when Pierre DELTIN, the current owner, takes up the castle, the lands and the cellar and begins an effort of restructuring and marketing of the various wines.