Castle Malijay revives cultural tradition

The Château will host the first national free book convention on May 11 and 12 2013, with around 100 authors attending.

Worldwide, an economic and moral crisis is spreading and festering. People lack a moral compass, economic systems of all kinds have collapsed, and the ideological and religious icons of the west have faded. In parallel people are increasingly finding a voice due to the exponential growth of new communications channels such as blogs, web forums, social networks, mobile phones and micropublishing. This is a worldwide phenomenon of individual liberation.

Among all this, the book as an art form is stagnating, as economic forces constrain its expression: the publishing market has consolidated and the major publishers have sewn up the traditional distribution systems. Nevertheless, we are witnessing an enormous growth in self-publishing and anyone can publish their writings in several formats as they see fit. Groups have formed that create, edit and publish over the net, often with complete disregard for the authors. We can no longer accept the contracts offered to authors as they are – more consistency is needed. Of course, there are losers as well as winners, and not everything has inherent literary value, but all of this exists and cannot be denied.

The goal of our association, “Écrits non Vains,” translated as “Writers With Purpose,” is to give a voice to all authors by uniting them to create distribution networks and hubs, and bringing readers and authors together into a united front, no longer alone or isolated.

At this convention, our aim is to enable authors and small publishers to meet up and network and to encourage the establishment of a think tank dedicated to a new kind of publishing – more flexible and better adapted to current and future technology and the possibilities this allows. We would like to give publishing a new lease of life using the Internet and micropublishing. This convention is organised by the “Écrits non Vains” Association, e-mail: